Nature Journaling Mushrooms

Nature Journaling is about observing nature, getting curious, and recording your 3-D experience on to a 2-D page. There are tips and strategies to do this in the field that will bring ease and joy to your journaling.

I'll introduce some ways to look at mushrooms, draw them in your journal, take notes that help you HOW to see and WHAT to look for in mushrooms.

Instead of instead of teaching you how to identify particular species of mushrooms, we'll be focusing on HOW to observe nature, pay attention to the details, deepen curiosity and recording what you experience in nature--

We'll use simple sketches, words, and numbers, and strategies to simplify and take the intimidation out of drawing.

Instead of making art or a botanical illustration we be using drawing as a tool to see nature more closely, tapping into our curiosity and sense of wonder.

These skills can be transferable to anything you choose to focus on- from mushrooms to flowers, mosses to trees.

You don't need to know botany in order to notice, observe and wonder about nature, and find joy in journaling your experience!

Come join me and explore mushrooms in a new way!

Participant appreciations from Wildflower class

"It was helpful to break apart what I was seeing and journaling. It lowered my stress dramatically!" April, participant

"Thank you Melinda for the great ideas. It’s so much better being shown than just reading the examples and tips. It was organized, and you explained the steps, detailed so easily." Ledia C.

"Loved learning about these CA wildflowers, plus following along as you model how you NJ them was very helpful. I wouldn’t have [thought to do] all the parts that you sketched" Mary L., participant

  "I find that doing the section like you just did makes the drawing more effective and catches more attention when you realize that it’s more of a study of the flower than a picture." Cindy, particpant

"[countour drawing practice] gets you over that fear of the blank page and allows you to just get started. [This way of journaling] solves a lot of issues with the time to make a drawing on site." Deb, participant

"[Blind contours] allow me to be unattached to the outcome!" christina, participant

"Thank you for another wonderful class." April R.

 "So helpful: the zoom in and zoom out; organization of sections so my page isn't filled with massive notes and bullets, but instead quick useful organization, love the usage of arrows and microscopic zooming." Cindy F.

"Thank you Melinda for an awesome session." Debbie W.

"Its very refreshing- it doesn't matter how long you've been doing this (nature journaling) or just started. It's refreshing and to be in the community is really, really helpful." Katherine H.


Will I learn how to identify mushrooms for foraging and eating?

No, this is not for identifying the edibility of wild mushrooms. However, you will practice skills that will assist you in your ability for careful observation which is necessary for correct ID.

Will I learn how to make realistic drawings and paintings of mushrooms?

This is not an art class--however you'll learn some strategies that will improve your drawing skills, and with practice, your work will become more realistic.

In this class we focus on observation and how to get to know mushrooms better, and ways to help the learning process.

I'm new to nature journaling, is this for me?

Yes! This is for new and seasoned nature journalers.

Be open to learning, and you'll glean some things that will make your nature journaling easier, allow you to see more details, spark curiosity and enjoy nature!

I don't have a science or biology background, is this for me?

If you want to learn more about the mushrooms in your nearby nature, and develop some skills to get to know them, and strategies to simply journaling, then you're in the right place!

Are these sessions Live?

These are all prerecorded video sessions. You can watch anytime that is convenient!

Do I need special supplies?

All you need is a sketchbook/paper, pen/pencil, colors (optional), curiosity and a learner's mind open to trying something new!

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